We encourage parents of children with eating disorders
to engage in self-care.

What is self-care?

Self-care means making a mental decision to care for yourself knowing it will help your child recover.
It means physically taking time to do things that help you feel more relaxed and less stressed or anxious.

Self-care means making a deliberate lifestyle change one step at a time. It means making your health a priority and not letting anything get in the way. Ultimately, taking time to care for yourself helps you take care of your child.

Some parents take care of themselves by taking personal time, like going for a 5-minute walk or reading a fun book. Self-care doesn’t have to be done alone; you could go out to lunch with a supportive friend or on a date with your partner. Duke and UNC eating disorders programs also have more specialized self-care programs, including parent support groups or consider talking to your own therapist.

Why do self-care?

You do a lot to help your child recover, and over time, that takes a toll on your stress levels and your physical health. You need do nice things for yourself. This not only helps you to prevent burnout, but also shows your child that we all deserve to be cared for.Self-care will help you feel more confident, supported, and energized, which will ultimately enhance your ability to participate in your child's recovery.

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Check out the Caring for Yourself is Caring for Your Child website for educational resources to support you and ideas about different activities to care for yourself.